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What we're reading this week!

Original Book Club Pre-Publication Book Club
A good mix of everything and more. Be the first to read selected copies before they are published.

Non-Fiction Book Club
Audio Book Club
If real life stories are for you, then try this club. Don't have time to read? How about listening to it then?

Fiction Book Club
Romance Book Club
If you like fiction, then this is your club.

Everyone needs a little romance.

Good News Book Club
Mystery Book Club
A little inspiration to start your day.

Guess what this weeks book will be?

Teen Book Club
Business Book Club
Adults not allowed. Just kidding.

If business is your business, then this club will give you the latest ideas in the world of business.

Science Fiction Book Club
Horror Book Club
Beam it down Scotty. The latest Sci-Fi titles in the Universe.

Do you have the guts to read these stories? If so, check out this club.

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