Kids Booklists

Wordless and Nearly Wordless Picture Books

    Sis, Peter. Dinosaur! 2000. j Picture Book.

      A boy has fun playing with his toy dinosaur in the bath until a "real" dinosaur peeks his head out of the bathtub water and swims to the surface. Soon the entire bathroom is filled with dinosaurs splashing water everywhere!

    Wiesner, David. Flotsam 2006. j Picture Book.

      The summer sea presents a curious boy with a Melville underwater camera. The boy quickly develops the film he finds inside and is amazed by the magical underwater world captured in the photos. Elements of fantasy are anchored by crisp realism of vivid watercolor paintings. Shifting perspectives, broad spreads and boxed sequences, inventive details and delightful twists, make each snapshot a tale waiting to be told.

    Mayer, Mercer. Frog Goes to Dinner. c1974. j Picture Book

      A frog hides out in a pocket only to make his presence known at a fancy restaurant where he causes lots of trouble.

    Day, Alexandra. Good Dog, Carl. c1985. j Picture Book

      Carl the Rotweiller is left in charge of a very active baby who loves to get into all kinds of mischief.

    Tafuri, Nancy. Have You Seen My Duckling? c1984. j Board Book, j Picture Book

      "Have you seen my duckling" are the only words in this sweet, simple story about a mother looking for her baby who has wondered off. If you look closely you can see that lost duckling hasn't gone too far.

    Preiss Weitzman, Jacqueline. You Can't Take a Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum. c1998. j Picture Book.

      A young girl must leave her balloon outside while she and her grandmother visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The balloon floats around New York City causing a series of mishaps that look very similar to the art the girl and her grandmother are viewing inside.

    Armstrong, Jennifer. Once Upon A Banana c2006. j Picture Book

      In this hilarious book, a monkey's craving for a banana turns the streets of a busy city upside down. The mostly wordless tale is told through rhyming street signs and delightfully detailed watercolor paintings.

    Fleischman, Paul. Sidewalk Circus. 2004. j Picture Book

      The circus is coming to town! However, there is already quite a performance underway on this city street. Some of the "acts" include cook who flips pancakes like a juggler and a construction worker walks on a high beam while balancing two heavy buckets of concrete like a professional tight ropewalker.

    Turner, Sandy. Silent Night. 2001. j Picture Book (Holiday)

      It's actually quite a loud night when a barking dog gets in the way of Santa delivering his presents on Christmas Eve.

    Rohman, Eric. Time Flies. 1994. j Picture Book.

      In this beautifully illustrated story, the reader takes journey with a feathered friend that starts on a stormy night in a closed museum in the dinosaur exhibit. The journey then changes when the dinosaur bones are transformed into living creatures and the museum changes into earth as it was long ago.

    Wiesner, David. Tuesday. c1991. j AWARD Picture Book.

      The winner of the 1992 Caldecott Award and ALA Notable Book, this fantastical story begins on a "Tuesday evening, around eight." What happens then is hardly a typical Tuesday, as frogs float through the air on magical lily pads.

    Tanaka, Shinsuke. Wings. c2000. j Picture Book.

      An old farmer finds and adopts an unusual puppy – one with wings! Madcap adventure ensues. Tanaka uses detailed, soft pencil drawings packed with action, each one filling a page with a scene or a moment that speaks volumes without words. Prereaders can easily follow the pictures, and older children will have fun writing or making up stories to go with the art. The book is small enough to rest comfortably on a child's lap yet large enough to share with a small group.