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==Where do I Register to Vote?==
==Where do I register to vote?==
[ Indiana Voters Website]
[ Indiana Voters Registration]
[ St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office]
[ St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office]
[  South Bend License Branch]
[  South Bend License Branch]
==Where do I vote?
[ Polling Places]
==City and County Voting Districts==
==City and County Voting Districts==

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SJCPL Literature Related to Voting

Topic Call Number
Political Science & Government Systems 320-321
Civil & Political Rights 323
The Political Process 324
The Legislative Process 328

Where do I register to vote?

Indiana Voters Registration

St. Joseph County Voter Registration Office

South Bend License Branch

==Where do I vote?

Polling Places

City and County Voting Districts

City and County Voting Districts

Indiana Elected Officials

Contact Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Contact Your Indiana Legislator

Elected Local and State Officials Search

Indiana Legislator Contact Information, Maps, & Districts

Indiana Election Statistics & Information

Indiana Association of Cities and Towns: Election Guidebook

Indiana Association of Cities & Towns: Current Legislative Session

Indiana Secretary of State

Indiana Voter Registration

League of Women Voters of Indiana

United States Elected Officials

Elected National Officials Search

U.S. Congressional Offices & Contact Information

The White House

United States Election Statistics & Information

League of Women's Voters of the United States

Office of the Clerk/U.S. House of Representatives Elections and Voting

U.S. Election Assistance Commission

U.S. Electoral College

United States Election Issues

On The Every Political Leader on Every Issue Congressional Research Reports : Tracking Congressional Cash Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues 2012 Election News

Thomas/Library of Congress: Congressional Bills & Records

International Statistics & Election Information

International Election Guide

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