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Summer Reading Program in Full Swing

340 of you are already aware of this, but our Teen Summer Reading Program is going on RIGHT NOW! If you’re not aware of this, click here and sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Program @ SJCPL. It’s easy … Continue reading

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Summer Smash Kicks Off

Hey guys, it’s about 9:10, which means that in less than an hour Save┬ĚPoint Summer Smash will kick off in the basement of the library. But Save┬ĚPoint is much more than playing video games today (though we will not disappoint … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Ourselves Back in Sync.

We’ve been back for a week now, but have been spending a lot of the time working on the back end of the website (linking, writing, what not). To keep you from getting bored while we’re ironing out many of … Continue reading

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MTV Movie Awards Surprise None, Excite Many

Last night the MTV Movie Awards were aired on MTV. While none of the winners came exactly unexpected. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse won pretty much everything it was up for. With the only award it didn’t win [and this doesn’t … Continue reading

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We Have Returned!

After nearly a month, TeenNet has returned. We’re still working out the kinks in the new site (specifically the strange color scheme), but we’ll keep moving forward and updating information as we go. Let us know if something doesn’t work … Continue reading

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