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The Zombies Will Soon Be Upon Us.

When the zombie uprising happens, what will your plan be? If you’re like Jake you’d want to find a safe place with plenty of foodstuffs that is easily defensible to be nearby, or be able to escape to loved one’s … Continue reading

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Special Harry Potter Podcast

Word of Mouth Episode 12 is ready to go and it contains nothing but conversation regarding the latest (and last) Harry Potter movie which came out two weeks ago. We hope you enjoy the dueling viewpoints of someone who’s only … Continue reading

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Word of Mouth Episode 11

The episode that nearly brought Word of Mouth to its knees is finally ready to be heard. It took at least three tries to get this recorded correctly, so hopefully it’s worth it. In this episode Pedro and I spend … Continue reading

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Summer Smash Kicks Off

Hey guys, it’s about 9:10, which means that in less than an hour Save┬ĚPoint Summer Smash will kick off in the basement of the library. But Save┬ĚPoint is much more than playing video games today (though we will not disappoint … Continue reading

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MTV Movie Awards Surprise None, Excite Many

Last night the MTV Movie Awards were aired on MTV. While none of the winners came exactly unexpected. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse won pretty much everything it was up for. With the only award it didn’t win [and this doesn’t … Continue reading

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