Summer Reading Program in Full Swing

340 of you are already aware of this, but our Teen Summer Reading Program is going on RIGHT NOW! If you’re not aware of this, click here and sign up for

Baby shoes? These are not.

the Teen Summer Reading Program @ SJCPL. It’s easy to do, and when you’ve signed up, simply show up at the information desk here at Main, or at any of the branches and announce that you have signed up and we’ll give you a free Taco coupon, courtesy of Taco Bell, and a sweet Chuck Taylor key chain (okay, so it’s a generic Chuck Taylor key chain, but it’s still pretty sweet), just for signing up. No matter how you stack it that’s a pretty good deal.

Then, just enter in the books that you read (not for the entire past year, but since June 3rd when the program started) on our website (here), and for every five books you enter, you get an entry into our drawings for fabulous prizes.

I’m sure at this point you’re wondering, “What are these fabulous prizes?”.

Remember we only have blue ones

Well, we’ve got some Jump Drive bracelets that are both fashionable (coming in a lovely royal blue bracelet), and practical (as they’ll hold 1gb of data, and are attached to your wrist). No forgetting this thing at random places when you forget that it’s not in your pocket. We also have a sweet remote control helicopter, and a bunch of gift cards to random places.


Like I said earlier, every five books read earns an entry, so get reading!

SJCPL Teen Summer Reading Program

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