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Stories of fame, fortune, glitz, and glamour are what Jen Calonita has to offer in her book Secrets of My Hollywood Life. Centered on a teenage starlet named Kaitlin Burke, this is one of my typical “guilty pleasure” books.

No, this book will not change your life, so don’t go writing a report on how its themes apply to everyone and expect to get an A+; your English teacher might not be too impressed (But who knows? Maybe she’ll like your creativity. I think mine might. Why do I get the good ideas for projects after school is out for the summer?) Anyway, if you are looking for a book that will make you forget your life for a while and make you believe you live in Hollywood, go ahead and try this one.

Kaitlin is the “nice girl” on her soap opera-ish hit T.V. show, on screen and off. Her T.V. twin, Skylar Mackenzie, is the bad girl and constantly spreads rumors about Kaitlin to the gossip magazines. Fed up with her overbearing parents, wannabe star little brother, and publicist who won’t give her any time off, Kaitlin enrolls in high school as Rachel Rogers, a girl from London.

However, this isn’t much better. There, she faces a super-fan principal, a typical mean girl who is dating the guy Kaitlin/Rachel likes, and on top of all that, homework that she has to do while trying desperately to get an audition for a movie role.

Secrets of My Hollywood Life is filled with laugh-inducing, cringe-inducing situations, (including the high school dance where the students must dress as a celebrity, and Kaitlin goes as Rachel going as Kaitlin) and, sure, some facts that might make you think about your favorite stars differently. Carefully placed throughout the book are Kaitlin’s Hollywood secrets about everything from the social ladder in Hollywood to how the Oscars really work—apparently, it’s uncomfortable to sit in a fancy dress all night. (I don’t know about you, but I’d still love to go.).

Once you’re done with school and need something to read that won’t make you think too hard (Yes, I’m talking to you, summer reading lists.), you should try Secrets of My Hollywood Life. The best part is that it’s a series, so you’ll have even more to log on the Summer Reading Program at SJCPL!

 And the series might even inspire you to plan a road trip to L.A.! (However, I’ve found that renting a few Reese Witherspoon movies works just as well—and costs a lot less.)

On that note, happy summer, and happy reading!

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