Let’s Keep the Ball Rolling

As I said last week, we’re going to go ahead and just keep posting our podcasts to get the word out about Word of Mouth.

If you’ve ever wondered how these come about. Pedro and I sit in a room for roughly an hour and talk to each other about random topics. Sometimes we plan the topic of the day, and sometimes it just comes out organically, like a beautiful flower in the yard, a third Transformers movie, or the wind; no one knows where they come from, they just know they exist.

In this episode Pedro and I discuss DLC for games (Downloadable Content) and how that can change the makeup of an entire game, friend codes on the Wii, what Halo (specifically Halo 3) meant to the Xbox360. When we decide that video games are no longer cool to talk about, Pedro shares his thoughts on the movie Rango; which was totally new when we recorded this.

*Spoiler alert: he liked the movie.

Check it out: Word of Mouth Episode 4a

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