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Okay, so it’s August now, and pretty soon, we’ll have to go back to school—and I’m not looking forward to having to make decisions again. See, in the summer, all you basically have to decide is whether you’re going to watch T.V. in the air conditioning or go hang out at a friend’s house (or something equally cool). But now you’re going to have to start choosing whom to sit with at lunch, what extracurriculars to join, and when to do that paper for English you’ve been putting off. Sometimes, all these choices are overwhelming!

That’s Brooklyn’s problem in the novel My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody. She makes decisions that are not only bad but also sometimes life threatening. When she was a toddler, she chose to follow a lizard she saw on the street. Baby Brooklyn ended up falling down a mineshaft. Now, she’s a teenager, and she’s still making bad choices. She decides to have a party in a real estate model home, and while drunk, decides to cook using the display vegetables.

Here’s a quick hint: If vegetables are on display in a model home, they’re usually plastic. Long story short, Brooklyn burned down the house and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service. (Just another reason why you shouldn’t drink and cook.) Realizing she’s made way too many awful choices, Brooklyn starts a blog and enlists the help of her readers to make decisions for her.

My Life Undecided is a well-written story about something relevant to teens: choices, and who is really making them. Brooklyn used to be popular, and her best friend, the Queen Bee, made decisions for her, such as what parties to go to, how to do her hair, and what jeans she should buy!

I am definitely not recommending that you start a blog and ask strangers to choose things for you—check out the chapter where Brooklyn tries out for rugby—but I am recommending this book. It will make you laugh, and if you’re hyperemotional, it might make you cry. (So, if you’re hyperemotional, there’s a good chance you’ll think it’s better thanCats!)

Jessica Brody makes you flip to the back cover and check out the author photo to make sure she’s not a teenager in disguise. In other words, she’s awesome. If you like My Life Undecided, or even if you don’t, check out her other teen books, The Karma Club and 52 Reasons to Hate My Father.

Good luck in the new school year, everyone! As my last English teacher says, “Make good choices”!

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