For the Love of the Shoes

It has been a while since I have posted about the new and fabulous shoes which Nike continues to release. Today I want to showcase and continue to talk about the Nike ID program. It is a great customization source for high quality shoes made with top notch materials. 2012 is the 30th Anniversary of the Air Force 1 and Nike has released limited materials each month all year long! November’s limited material is glow in the dark.

I have been obsessed with glow in the dark anything for all of my life. Something about it just draws me in, like a bug flying toward a light bulb. I keep building different pairs on the Nike ID website but have not been able to buy a pair…yet.  I keep waiting to see what other holiday treats there will be.

I bought a pair of the Wool Nike ID Air Force 1′s earlier this year and I love them. The whole process is so smooth and easy. The shoes are built and shipped to your door in less than 6 weeks, which is impressive considering the amazing amount of color combinations and that they ship from China. If you want shoes that are very likely to be the only pair exactly like them in your school or anywhere at all, the Nike ID program is an awesome and fun way to get quality, custom shoes for yourself or even for that sneakerhead in your circle of friends.  After all, the holidays are fast approaching!

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