Book Trailers

Maybe the best thing about coming to the library is walking through the stacks, picking up books that have great covers or clever titles, and perusing the pages. The ability to stand and read the first few pages of a book is a great way to decide if it’s something you’d like to read. But did you know that book trailers can also be a great way to discover things to read? Yes that’s right. Book trailers, just like movie trailers. Most authors and publishers have book trailers on their websites that you can watch to get a feel for a book’s characters, plot, tone, and theme. They are tantalizing, imaginative, and often quite persuasive. Below are some great examples. Often times, a simple Google search for a book’s title plus the words “book trailer” will find you great official and unofficial trailers by publishers, authors, and fans alike. Happy Reading!

Fury   Out of Reach    Finale

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