For the Love of the Shoes

Well, the shoe bug bit me pretty hard over the past weekend.  My all time favorite edition is the Air Jordan III, and a completely new color variation dropped on Saturday, February 16th.  I had to have it. When I called the local Foot Locker they said they were not going to be getting it.  But since our local mall has another shoe store, I figured I would try the Finish Line. Success. They were getting pairs and would be on sale at 9am. That changed my entire weekend because instead of sleeping in on a well deserved day off, I would be waking up extra early to go brave the frigid temps and wait outside of U.P. Mall before the sun rises.

This is what separates a true sneakerhead from just someone who might like shoes or someone who says they are into shoes but would not be so dedicated.   I woke up at 5:30 a.m. and took my awesome dog Hachi out for a walk and then grabbed an apple and made my way to the mall to begin my very long and cold morning.  I was there by 6 and had managed to be inside for about 40 minutes before a security guard kicked me out because you cannot be inside the mall before 8:00 a.m. apparently.  It is very weird to be there alone and I was running around enjoying it quite a lot before I was booted.  So then I was escorted outside where 5 other guys were waiting for the shoes I wanted.  It was 6:40 a.m. and the mall was not going to let us into the indoor warmth until 8 a.m.!  That was the longest and coldest 80 minutes I have experienced in quite some time.  It was worth it to me, but I hope that Michael Jordan appreciates my dedication on the day before his 50th birthday.  The minutes went by slowly and my shivering was not helping any. But, it went without drama and another 9 people joined us before the mall let us in with the groups of senior citizens who walk laps at the mall before it opens.  It was 8:00 a.m. and the store did not open until 9.  So it was another hour of waiting, but at least I was inside and could sit down and relax. People were on their phones and the time went by quickly as the anticipation built around the shoes we were about to get.

The shoes. I should speak of the shoes.  This was a brand new color variation and they were quite stunning in the pictures I had seen online.  The “Joker” Air Jordan III’s.  Supposedly inspired by the Joker villain Heath Ledger played amazingly well in The Dark Knight.  I am obsessed with the Air Jordan III and I have many different variations of it and it will always be my #1 shoe.  I had to have this new color and was relieved I did not have to buy it from a reseller and pay a steep premium.

As the store opened at 9 a.m. I was fifth in line and got my size. Everything went smoothly and pleasantly as I inspected the shoes before buying. I got them home and tucked them safely away in their box, among dozens of other pairs.  I walked my amazing dog again and started my day with a smile because I knew I had added another noteworthy piece to my collection.



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