Legos At Lasalle

Let’s be completely honest, Legos are awesome. You can build anything with Legos. I’m not talking about “anything” meaning “Here’s what the instructions told me to build” (which coincidentally is how I spent the majority of my Lego building life) , but I mean “anything” as in…

A Life Sized Portrait of Yourself:








A scale model of the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington DC:














And even an entire house:







If you looked at any of those items above and thought to yourself “Those are awesome! I want to build my own”, then you should join us today at 2 pm at SJCPL’s Lasalle Branch. They’ll provide you with all the Legos you need, all you have to do is build whatever comes to mind.

I guess I should throw it out there that if you’re planning on trying to build a life size, liveable house, we will probably not have enough Legos for that.

Details can be found here: Legos at Lasalle

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