We Have Returned!

After nearly a month, TeenNet has returned. We’re still working out the kinks in the new site (specifically the strange color scheme), but we’ll keep moving forward and updating information as we go. Let us know if something doesn’t work and we’ll either tell you why you’re wrong, or admit our faults and fix the problems. It’s a coin flip really.

So what’s new?
You’re probably wondering, since we’ve been offline for a month, what we’ve been doing for the. Well, if you’re reading this, you’ve already seen the site redesign with the sweet new skin. You’ll also notice the links you loved slowly reappearing at the top. There will be some new pages going up, and hopefully this will be done by the end of the month (it’s a bit of work, and I can’t do this all day unfortunately). You’ll also notice that we’re going to be opening up our SJCPL Teen Facebook page. You can check it out at http://on.fb.me/mbQNpR and “Like” us if you feel so inclined. We’ll be posting information on there, posing questions, and generally having a good time.

As we say goodbye to the school year and hello to summer…
Summer is fast approaching (90 degrees says it may already be here), so you know what that means: Summer Reading! We at SJCPL are gearing up to start our Summer Reading Program tomorrow (Friday, June 3rd). For more information on that check it out at http://bit.ly/b9Lpbc. I’ll be starting my summer reading by finishing The Hunger Games trilogy (in the middle of Catching Fire as we speak), and moving on to some new graphic novels (Including Morning Glories Vol. 1, and all of the Captain America we’ve been getting recently). For new stuff you may want to check out look at our “New Stuff” page linked above, or click here: http://bit.ly/kaXmyM.

You may also be interested in some of the programs we’ve got coming up to celebrate the Summer Reading Program. Notably we have our Summer Reading Program Kickoff Extravaganza on Saturday, June 11th. Wondering what we’ll be doing? We’re basically having a nice little party in the basement. We’ll have Save-Point representing with some Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Some old skool Super Smash Bros. Melee, we’re going to be having a craft with Perler Beads, showing a movie or two, and generally having a good time. Starts at 10 am, so we hope to see you there. We’ll also be doing some gaming, some crafting and some movies throughout the summer, so keep an eye on the library’s schedule of events at http://bit.ly/jUiq5N.

Just so you know we’re very sorry for the downtime, we’ll be posting the back catalog of our Word of Mouth podcasts and posting the ones we’ve made, but had nowhere to really post, during that downtime. Look for those to be up tomorrow.

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