Notes for July 26th

How’s your summer going? Mine’s going fine thus far, thanks for asking. Over the last couple of days here we have received about 9000 (actual number may vary) new books. Vampires, werewolves, love, regret, sports, graphic novels and manga are all represented, so check out the new stuff by clicking here or just above where it says “New Stuff”. Be warned, it really is a lot of books.

Also, and this is important, today at 4:00 we’re going to be doing some summer crafting and making hemp bracelets. Just come on out and we’ll supply the materials, you just have to put it together (with a little help from our skilled assistants, of course). Again, that’s 4:00 PM in the second floor teen area. If you need more details, just click here. We hope to see you there!

If you’re looking forward to some Word of Mouth podcasts being uploaded, get excited as they’re coming in the very near future. P and I have been recording whenever we can and have some great info-tainment lined up for you. Episodes 11 & 12 are recorded and edited and will be ready for your ears when I get them linked up.

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