The Fox Inheritance

Way back in 2008 Mary Pearson wrote a brilliant book titled The Adoration of Jenna Fox, which tells the story of Jenna Fox, a teenager who has just awakened from a coma following a serious car accident that has taken the lives of two of her best friends. Imagine yourself in that scenario: you wake up and you find out your friends are dead. Pretty rough, right? Now imagine that you also find out that the only reason you’re still alive is because your father has access to some crazy futuristic technology that is not technically legal. Woah, now you can see where this novel can blindside you. Not only is Jenna trying to cope with her own emotions following the accident, but also with how she feels about what her father has done. A great story that deserved a follow up, which we now have in The Fox Inheritance.

Remember those two friends that died in the accident that Jenna miraculously lived through? Yea, that’s not exactly true… Fast forward 260 years and we find out that through scientific advances Jenna’s friends are somehow brought back to life. All of their friends have long since passed, except for the one who was supposed to have died with them 260 years ago. What happens to your mind if you’re stuck in limbo for 260 years? For Locke and Kara, this is their reality, and they must learn to deal with it while learning to live in a future that carries 260 years of history they are not aware of. This future is not made for them, and now they are forced to exist in it.

Growing up is hard enough as it is.

To check out either The Adoration of Jenna Fox or The Fox Inheritance click on the title on this page. To see any books (including the ones listed on this page) by Mary Pearson, click on her name.

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