For the Love of the Shoes

pic via nicekicksI love Nike’s collection of shoes – especially the Air Jordans because my favorite player and the greatest player of all time wore them. Those old commercials with Spike Lee and Michael Jordan were funny.  And, well, Jordan was just simply amazing to watch on the court.

It started in junior high when I got my first pair of Air Jordan Nike shoes.   They were the black and cement IIIs­­ – a shoe that is still my all-time favorite.  When I got that pair, I felt like a king.   I took them to school in the box; I was wearing a different pair for the ride.   Once inside, I changed shoes so I could wear the new ones all day. When school let out, I would take them off and put back in the box until the next day.   It was, and still is, an obsession. A fun and passionate obsession.   I love sneakers.

Today I’m going to focus on a pair of Air Force 1s that really fascinate me ­–The Denim Air Force 1 Premiums.  Nike released these on May 20, 2011 and the company was trying out a new technique for their release. These shoes were very limited ­– what Nike calls a QS or quick strike release.   Shoes normally go on sale on Saturday mornings as shoe stores and malls open up.  In the last few years, websites such as or will sell them at midnight the day that they go on sale and you can avoid the potential lines for them.

For this limited pair of shoes, Nike used Twitter to send a link to buy them on their website at a random time that they would not release beforehand.  I woke up early that day and waited and waited for the text that would tell me the shoes were on sale.  I drove to work quickly so that I would not miss them.  The hours went by slowly and I was ready to pounce when they released.  Noon came and went – 1 pm – 2 pm – nothing.    I was supposed to go to lunch at 2 pm but I was busy at work and got a late start.

That late start ended up leading to the best part of the day.

At about 2:11, I got the tweet for the shoes.  I clicked as fast as I could and added them to my cart for checkout and zipped all through the process in 30 seconds at the most.  Success! I got an email verifying my order and confirming I had indeed grabbed a pair.  3 minutes later, Nike sent another tweet – the Denim Air Force 1s were sold out.  I was lucky.

pic via nicekicks

 Some books that deal with denim:

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brasha

Death by Denim by Linda C. Gerber

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