For the Love of the Shoes

This week’s featured shoe is the Nike Delorean Dunk 6.0, a shoe with looks that make a statement. You may recognize the name and appearance of this shoe from the 80′s film Back to the Future.

Influenced by the unique automobile known as the Delorean DMC-12, this shoe’s design references the aerodynamic structure and trademark characteristics of this famous vehicle. Nike reinterprets the car’s gull-wing doors on the shoe’s bottom eyestay.  The theme
continues with a matte silver upper that recalls the automobile’s brushed stainless
steel exterior—and features new no-sew construction.

The graphic window shades on the DMC-12’s rear appear as lines on the heel cup,
underlining a DMC logo. Meanwhile, the Belfast stamp on the tongue is a nod to the
Irish factory that originally produced the vehicle.

This shoe was released on Friday November 26, 2010.  Nike rolled it out for Black
Friday, which added to the hype and anticipation, leading people who wanted them to
camp out with the other deal seekers.   I bought mine on Ebay, 2 months after it
came out.  This release was limited to 1,000 pairs – which makes it a very limited

I love this visually stunning shoe – the color and material that looks like
stainless steel, the logos, and a sole that resembles a brake light from the car.
Not only is the design of the shoe incredible, the value of the Nike Delorean Dunk
6.0 continues to climb as more and more collectors seek it out.

Other stuff with a Delorean and/or time travel:

Back to Our Future: how the 1980s explain the world we live in now – David Sirota

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