For the Love of the Shoes

The shoes featured this week are the Nike Foamposite Pro in Pine Green. Recently, This particular style received some press when a college student was assaulted at Dean College in Franklin, MA. His attacker accused him of stealing the shoes he was wearing–The Foamposite Pro.

You used to hear about people being assaulted for their Air Jordans when that shoe was first released, but something like this does not seem to happen – or seem to get news coverage anymore. The victim in this case was accosted by fellow students leaving him badly beaten. When the police searched his room they found a receipt for the shoes. His parents had bought them for him. The students involved in the assault, there were six of them, were expelled and the victim is now back on campus attending classes.

I have this pair of shoes myself. I have not worn them yet, but I admire the color shifting on the material and the clear sole. They are pretty funky looking but I love them and will be wearing them when winter finally passes.

Books that this article may make you interested to read:

The Biology of Violence: how understanding the brain, behavior, and environment can break the vicious circle of aggression – Debra Niehoff
Holes – Louis Sachar

News articles on the assault:

Foamposite Fight

Not Stolen


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