For the Love of the Shoes

Today’s installment of shoe love is inspired by the Chinese Zodiac signs. As we approach the Chinese New Year, which begins on Jan 23, 2012, we will welcome the Year of the Dragon but, this doesn’t mean we should forget 2011’s year of the Rabbit. Nike – never a company to let anything pass without trying to make some money – commemorates the Chinese New Year (every 365 days) with several shoes and designs that accompany the animal that corresponds with the new year. The pair that I have from this past year is the Year of the Rabbit Air Force 1s. The design has several unique elements incorporated into the shoe. The insole has several rabbits all over it. The trademark Nike Swoosh is orange on the outside of the shoe and blue on the right side of each shoe. They have a combination of white leather and white suede making up the majority of the shoe. The sole is completely white and includes 2 pairs of laces – blue and orange. They are quite an impressive looking pair of shoes to me. I love them and cherish the pair that I have. They were very limited and sold out instantly. I welcome the Year of the Dragon and all the shoes that it will bring.

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