For the Love of the Shoes

This week I will cover one of my favorite holidays as well as one of my favorite pairs of shoes:  The Savage Beast AF1s.

Nike uses any and every opportunity to release special/limited shoes. For example, in honor of Halloween 2009 they released a pair of Air Force 1′s that were inspired by Gossamer, the reddish orange beast in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.   The shoes are
extremely unique and make quite a visual statement.

The entire shoe (except the soles) is covered in short, orange pony hair.   On the back of the shoe it reads “Savage Beast”  instead of “Nike”.

The laces are in a matching orange color.

I love putting together a costume and these shoes celebrate all that is fun about Halloween.

I have never worn my pair of Savage Beast AF1s, but they do garner a lot of attention
when my friends visit.   A few of my friends even refer to them as
their favorite pair from my collection.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures of them.


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2 Responses to For the Love of the Shoes

  1. Sarah says:

    Is it really “pony” hair?

  2. Matt says:

    I do not believe that the hair is real – just a close looking synthetic

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