For the Love of the Shoes

Today’s sneaker discussion is going to be on the Anaconda Ai Force 1s.  The Air Force 1, as discussed in previous posts, debuted in 1982.   Nike wanted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this iconic shoe in 2007 with some truly special pairs.  They were going after the ultimate sneaker — one  you could wear with a suit and not look too outlandish.  Admittedly, a tall task, but Nike has not achieved the insane success they currently enjoy by being subtle and hiding in the shadows.   

Nike decided on different, but complimenting pairs.  The shoes were to be made in Italy – home of the greatest shoemakers in the world.  True craftsmen.   The details on these shoes were to be completely elegant and top of the line.  The aglets yes, the pieces at the tips of the shoelaces — were to be 18k gold plated.   The shoes would include a cedar shoe tree and a bag for proper storage.   They would be made of exotic materials: Anaconda and Crocodile.  Not very politically correct, but they definitely make a statement.  Additionally, the shoes would be incredibly limited with only 125 pairs of each material available for purchase.  They would be the most expensive shoes ever created by Nike –  $2000 a pair. 

This model was never intended for the amateur sneaker collector.  The pair I am featuring today are the Anaconda AF1s.  All white, classic and elegant.  Nike really hit the spot with these.  The simple lines and exotic materials are amazing in person. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.   


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One Response to For the Love of the Shoes

  1. Jesse Neighbors says:

    I have seen them on tv and wanted to buy a pair of them my self. I have looked and could find no place tell now, And after watching these young boy’s play high-dollar poker like me and one of them bought a pair of these on the show, and I totally love them.
    I knew I was not going to find them around here, so I started buy just asking some friend’s and they had heard of them but did not know where to get them. So after a month I knew of only one place and it was going to cost, was to travel or just order them off the net and I don’t like doing that with something I pay this much cash for..
    So I guess, I will see what happen’s here, cause I am Epilepsy and a very damn good card player, cause the light and everything bothers my eyes so playing cards is about the only thing I do any more.
    And nike come’s out with some awesome stuff…
    And when I seen the Anaconda AF1s it was the top of the line, no one could beat that one, and I knew it and everyone else knew it. Cause it was right there in front of every one !
    And that is when it is the best product to have is when its A number 1 of a kind and you are the only one that has it !….. and that is why Nike is Nike………..

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