For the love of the Shoes

February is Black History Month and yes, you guessed it, Nike has that covered too!
Every year Nike releases shoes celebrating and commemorating Black History Month.
Out of the many that exist in the sneaker world, I have one: the Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro BHM’s. These shoes were released on eb 26, 2011 and are quite detailed.  They are based on the Air Jordan Retro 3 which is my absolute favorite silhouette out of all the sneakers I’ve owned.

There are so many elements that are unique to this pair.  In detail, a red, black and green “Black History Month” appears throughout the upper area representing the African American flag. The elephant print, which is always incorporated on the Air Jordan 3,
is replaced on this particular pair by laser sketches that hold significance to MJ and Black History Month. Other features include “A Call to Greatness” badge on the insole and the number XXXV to represent the 35th anniversary of Black History Month.

When you see the pictures, you will definitely notice a lot of the design elements and hopefully agree that Nike did a great job making this a stand-out pair of shoes for all to enjoy.

Nike released a Black History Month collection this month too.  I did not get any but
there are some really great designs.   I hope you enjoy!

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