For the Love of the Shoes

Today I am going to discuss what happens when you have the itch for a new pair of sneakers but nothing out there
 really speaks to you. You look online, you check the stores at the mall, you even build some pairs on 
Nike ID but nothing feels quite right. 

So, the next step is to contact a custom shoe builder.  There are a few 
options in the beginning.  Do you have a shoe painted differently to create a whole new look? Or do you 
have a shoe taken apart stitch by stitch and rebuilt back with completely different materials? 

I went with the first option.  I contacted a shoe customizer online after seeing several pairs they 
created and ran some ideas past them along with a budget. I use the word budget cautiously since having
a pair of shoes created as a 1 of 1 is not something the average person would do.
 I wanted a pair of Nike Air Force 1s  redone.   I love the works of Wassily Kandinsky so that was the inspiration that
I sent to my shoe creator. I sent a few of my favorite pieces and let them do their thing. The result was
 really impressive to me, I loved the way the essence was captured and put on a pair of plain AF1′s.
The colors – the shapes – the style. I am very happy and I hope you enjoy looking at my pics.

And if you ever get really bored with a pair of shoes — try painting them yourself.  See what
 you come up with.

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One Response to For the Love of the Shoes

  1. Carey says:

    Diversitile did the shoes. My 1st with them. They really did nice work on them and were great to deal with.

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