A Few of My Favorite Things: St. Patrick’s Day

In celebration of the upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would make a list of my favorite Irish things, places, and/or people.

Warning: this list may contain things that are not actually Irish but only green in color. Because the color green is tied so closely to the holiday, I thought that would be okay.

1. Bram Stoker:
The Irish writer wrote one of the most important books in literary history for any true fan of vampire pop culture. His book Dracula was—and still is—an inspiration to the genre as a whole, and although I was forced to read it for school (not choosing always takes some of the excitement away), I don’t regret it one bit. I loved every creepy, compelling, and mysterious moment of that adventure. So thank you Bram Stoker, not only for making me a true lover of vampires but also for paving the way for Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, and many other vampire-fiction authors.

2. Green Arrow:
(This is the one I warned you about above. Green Arrow is not Irish, but he does wear a lot of green.)
If you are not familiar with who Green Arrow is, just think of Batman in green tights with a bow and arrow and you kind of get the picture of this billionaire playboy-turned-vigilante super hero. Although he does share some similarities with Batman overall, I think Green Arrow is a lot less emo and bit more socially conscious. This is why I had to make room for him on this list. He may have been better used in a future list about the best comic book super heroes, but alas, I chose him for this one.

3. Fiddlers Hearth:
As far as getting a good Irish meal in South Bend goes, Fiddler’s Hearth is pretty much the best. I love their food; I love the old, cozy, pub-style look they have going on; and most of all, I love the fact that in the summertime, you can sit outside and eat. If you plan on going there for St. Patrick’s Day, though, make sure you’re not in any kind of hurry. It takes forever. But I think it’s worth it.

4. The Four Leaf Clover:
The four-leaf clover is one of the most recognizable images associated with St. Patrick’s Day, and for good reason; anything that, if found, will bring you good luck will always be a favorite of the masses. All you have to do is stumble across one of these bad boys, and then, according to tradition, you are set.


5. Lucky Charms:

I love the little marshmallows. They defiantly are magically delicious.

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One Response to A Few of My Favorite Things: St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks for this post! Today, I think of all the Irish musicians I’ve enjoyed over the years…The Pogues, Christy Moore, U2, Sinead O’Connor, Planxty, Clannad and so many more.

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