For the Love of the Shoes

This week I am going to look back at a pair from a few years ago since the releases lately are being covered by plenty of other sites.

The Air Jordan Spiz’ike – “Kings County”– are yet another style that are definite head- turners. The stark contrast of black nubuck and white patent leather is crazy enough,but that is before you factor in the mixture of yellow, red, and orange on the shoes. As with most of the Air Jordan Spizikes, the “Kings County” Spiz’ikes, look much better in person rather than what the photos shown below. Additionally, these were labeled a limited release.

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee released the Jordan Spiz’ike shoes on October 21, 2006 as a tribute to their historic relationship. This relationship began when Mars Blackmon became the primary pitchman in Nike commercials for Air Jordans. The Spiz’ike is a mash-up of the Jordan III, IV, V, VI, Air Jordan IX and XX shoes. So, all the different ones that have been released are very wild looking to say the least.

I picked up my pair a little over a year ago and am quite happy with them. They are always getting noticed.
I hope you enjoy.

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