For the Love of the Shoes

Michael Jordan X Converse

March Madness: Arguably the most thrilling sporting event in the world. I have watched it for decades and have loved every minute of it—even when the teams I root for come up short, which is pretty often.

How does this relate to shoes? In the best way possible.

Jordan Brand is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s historic game-winning shot during the March 29, 1982, NCAA Tournament finals by hosting a special online auction for the iconic Converse Pro Leather Mid LTD.

Led by Jordan Brand’s corporate responsibility program, Wings for the Future, 30 packs in total will be created. Beginning Monday, April 2, 2012, 23 of those will be auctioned off online through eBay at The packs will not be available for retail.

The special edition Jordan X Converse Collab pays tribute to the moment Mike Jordan became Michael Jordan—and the moment the number 23 became legendary.

One hundred percent of the proceeds will support the James R. Jordan Foundation, which is dedicated to strengthening families, motivating youth, and ensuring high-quality academic opportunities for children in underserved communities.

Each pack includes a Converse Pro Leather Mid and an original North Carolina jersey, all of which is enclosed in a deluxe hardwood box. Each shoe is hand signed by Jordan and is laced with details unique to that magical night in 1982.

Talk about a collectible: Only 23 available worldwide and 100% of the proceeds to charity. This is what makes this event even more special.

Thank you Nike, and most of all, thank you Michael Jeffrey Jordan, simply the greatest player of all time.

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