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Summer Smash Kicks Off

Hey guys, it’s about 9:10, which means that in less than an hour Save·Point Summer Smash will kick off in the basement of the library. But Save·Point is much more than playing video games today (though we will not disappoint … Continue reading

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Save•Point Summer Smash: This Saturday!

Save•Point \ˈsāv\ \ˈpȯint\ A special area in a game where the user may record his or her progress. A monthly tournament series here at the Main library, beginning in 2004, that centers around competitive play and community. After another intense … Continue reading

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We Have Returned!

After nearly a month, TeenNet has returned. We’re still working out the kinks in the new site (specifically the strange color scheme), but we’ll keep moving forward and updating information as we go. Let us know if something doesn’t work … Continue reading

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