Mr. Napoli Visits the Cable Book Library!

February 8, 1996 - 2:30 - 4:40 PM:

The Cable Book Library, Branch of the Helsinki City Library, is a modern library with not only books and magazines but also free public access to the Internet, satellite channels, CD-ROM software and videos.

Immediately after Mr. Napoli had the opportunity to check into his hotel, Hannu Taskinen, Principal Librarian for Public Libraries in Finland, took Mr. Napoli on a tour of the Cable Book Library. As a Branch of the Helsinki City Library, the Cable Book Library concentrates on information technology, the arts and culture. This new generation of public libraries in Finland is located in what used to be a cable manufacturing factory - hence the name "The Cable Book Library"

Students surfing the Internet at the Cable Book Public Library, Helsinki

Photo by Don Napoli with SJCPL's QuickTake Digital Camera

Student using CD ROM software at the Cable Book Library, Branch of the Helsinki City Library Student
Photo by Don Napoli with SJCPL's QuickTake Digital Camera

The Cable Factory is the largest culture center in Europe to date that is a converted factory. It has become a center of the arts unequalled in Finland with over 53,000 square metres of culture all within its walls. Every day it has from 800 to 1,000 professionals in various fields working there, and many times that in the number of daily visitors. All are attracted to the Cable Factory by the incredible variety of museums, galleries, shops, craftsmen, architects, dance studios, art schools, film companies, radio stations, shops, restaurants, an evening institute, ju-jitsu, aikido, tai chi - you name it - and a public library, the Cable Book Library.

Here Mr. Napoli meets once again Chief Librarian Erkki Lounasvuori who visited the St. Joseph County public Library in October with Hannu Taskinen. Erkki gives Mr. Napoli a tour of the Cable Book Library and introduces him for the first time to Mikael Böök, Managing Director of Katto-Meny Cooperative Society, and Hannu Aronsson, their computer technician. Mikael Böök was the first person with whom Mr. Napoli corresponded by e-mail back in August of 1994 when he first discovered the Helsinki City Library's WWW Home Page.

Mr. Napoli is also given the opportunity to check the compatability of his Macintosh Duo 2300c/100 laptop computer, which he brought with him, with the Proxima projection equipment provided by the Helsinki City Library. This equipment he would use in his talks and demonstrations of the St. Joseph County Public library's WWW Home Page and Internet services. Fortunately, after a few tense moments of failed attempts, the equipment all worked together perfectly!

Library Chief Librarian Erkki Lounasvuori and Librarians Tia Jokinen (left) and Ulla Rannikko at Knot in the Cable Book Library, Helsinki
Photo by Don Napoli with SJCPL's QuickTake Digital Camera

Erkki Lounasvuori and Don Napoli at the Cable Book Library Cable
Photo by Hannu Taskinen with SJCPL's QuickTake Digital Camera
After this tour and checking of equipment for the talks, Mr. Napoli was taken by Mr. Taskinen back to his hotel room for some much needed sleep.

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