Mr. Napoli Speaks at the
University of Tampere

Friday, February 8, 1996 - 2:00 - 4:30 PM:

University of Tampere

Photo courtesy of University of Tampere Home Page

After his first talk at the Tampere City Library, Mr. Napoli took a taxi with Mikael Böök to the University of Tampere for lunch with the Department of Information Studies faculty and for his second talk. (See a map of Tampere for the locations of the City Library and the University.). He was introduced to Ilkka Mälkinen #, L.Soc.Sc, Researcher, Kalervo Järvelin, D.Coc.Sc, Professor, and to several other members of the Information Science Department's staff.

Mr. Napoli's second talk covered much the same topics given at the Tampere City Library, but also got into some of the censorship issues which Internet content providers were now facing in the United States, especially since President Clinton had just signed into law the new Federal Communications Act. The audience, consisting of a few professors and about 30-40 information science students, was also interested in some of the more technical aspects of providing and searching databases through a world-wide web page (html interface) using acgi's (ascyronous common gateway interfaces) for such access. Since his laptop computer had running on it simultaneously all of the necessary server, database, acgi, and browser software, Mr. Napoli was able to switch from one window environment to the other and demonstrate how the databases were programmed to work with the acgi and the server software to serve up ready-made html records, some of which even had links to pictures and photos.

Mr. Napoli's talk lasted about 45 minutes, and once again was followed with a practical demo of the searchable databases available on the St. Joseph County Public Library's WWW Home Page (about 30 minutes). About 15 minutes of questions and answers followed.

Unfortunately, none of the digital pictures taken at the University of Tampere came out (probably because Mr. Napoli's digital camera needed new batteries) and the picture above was the only one Mr. Napoli could find on the University's WWW site.

After his second talk, Mr. Napoli and Mikael Böök, assisted by Dr. Ilkka Mäkinen, carried the equipment to the hotel where Erkki Lounasvuori and Hannu Aronsson would be staying that evening. Erkki and Hannu would need the Proxima Projector for talks they would be giving at the "Tiedon talo" workshops in Oulu early Monday morning, where they would again meet with Mr. Napoli at the Oulu City Library.

After Dr. Mäkinen left them in front of the hotel, Mr. Napoli and Mikael Böök went into the hotel lobby to leave the equipment for Hannu and Erkki. The central Tampere train station was just across the street from the hotel, but since it was too early to go to the train station, the two of them sat in the hotel lobby and quietly sipped two tall glasses of excellent Finnish beer. Not much was said. Mika explained to Mr. Napoli that it was common for the Finnish people to just sit and drink together without saying anything, but still enjoying each other's company ... and the beer, of course. Mr. Napoli admitted to himself that, after talking for over four hours, it did feel very good indeed to just sit there and drink beer.

An hour later they met Kimmo Lehtonen at the train station (where they found him also enjoying a tall one - beer, that is) and the three of them took the express train back to Helsinki. Fortunately, they found an unoccupied private car on the train, but there was practically no converstation between them since they all immediately fell asleep.

When they got back to Helsinki, Mikael left them to return home and Kimmo, who lived near Mr. Napoli's hotel, showed Mr. Napoli the way back, both walking at a very fast pace since it was once again bitterly cold ... and dark. Upon arriving back at the Hotel Anna, Mr. Napoli went immediately to bed, totally exhausted! Thus ended his second day in Finland.

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